Aspects are significant parts of a character’s… well, character – personality traits, significant bits of history, important roles, etc. They do not directly have a statistical effect (usually), but are vital as a source and storage medium of Elan.

What exactly comprises an aspect varies widely and is largely up to the player (although subject to approval, of course). However, it is essentially something important to the character, something they focus on. They may not be things the party likes, or even things that your character is particularly proud of.

An aspect is not a trope or something similarly idiotic like ‘the awesomest badass ever’ (except, perhaps, in an aspirational fashion). Aspects are internal, not meta. That shit might fly in FATE, but here it will earn you a well-deserved cornobbling.

Every character requires at least one Aspect, and a character’s Elan capacity is equal to 2 + number of aspects (capped at 5).

You can invoke an aspect by doing something appropriately in line with that aspect. This causes you to gain a point of Elan, subject to GM approval. For instance, a character with the ‘courage’ aspect could gain Elan by doing something particularly brave.

In addition to invoking an aspect yourself, the GM can invoke it ‘involuntarily’. You can accept, and receive a point of Elan; refuse, and roll against it, gaining nothing (pass or fail), or spend Elan to resist automatically.

Quirks are similar to aspects, but generally more minor – things such as hobbies and, well… quirks. They do not contribute to Elan capacity, but can occasionally generate individual Elan points. However, they cannot be used to generate Elan again until a full Aspect is invoked.

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