This page describes attributes, the most basic and universal aspects of any character. Attributes can be rolled in some situations, for lack of a better option, but generally influence other things, like skills.

Every character has the same six attributes. They should be familiar:

  • Strength: Affects melee damage, influences carrying capacity/etc, rolled to lift/force objects.
  • Dexterity: Determines base Dodge modifier, affects initiative. Can be rolled for many things in absence of skills.
  • Constitution: Affects damage reduction, resists poison/environmental effects, influences number of Grazes.
  • Intelligence: Roll to solve logic puzzles. Can serve as baseline for most mental skills. Affects some magic.
  • Perception: Used in detection rolls. Affects some magic.
  • Willpower: Used to resist mental control and social influence. Also affects magic.

All attributes start at an average level (0). They can be raised for a cost of three points per rank, stacking. (+1 costs 3 points, +2 costs 9 points). They can also be lowered for a similar price, but starting at -2. (-1 costs -2 points, -2 costs -7 points).

Table as follows. Number in parenthesis is cost to raise/lower from previous level.

Mod Title Cost
+5 Legendary 45 (+15)
+4 Excellent 30 (+12)
+3 Great 18(+9)
+2 Good 9(+6)
+1 Fair 3
0 Average Base
-1 Mediocre -2
-2 Bad -7 (-5)
-3 Poor -15 (-8)
-4 Awful -26 (-11)

Normally, Attributes offer a modifier to various other rolls. However, they may occasionally be used to make a resistance roll or opposed check. Moreover, as a last-resort option for skill rolls, you can substitute an appropriate attribute at -4.

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