This page serves an index of various societal backgrounds. Your character needs one. Each background has both a description of that society (though any social group varies widely and your character’s place in that society is largely up to you, but be reasonable). There are no particular costs associated with any background.

It also lists the mechanical effects of your background, which can be quite significant (some amounting to ~50 points, mainly via Open Skills). This consists of three factors.

  • A set of basic skills common to (almost) everyone in that society. You can boost skills you want from these or fill out weaknesses.
  • An appropriate Feat that also offers a new use of Elan.
  • A list of starting equipment one might take on an adventure, as well as how many free LP you get.

There are tradeoffs between most factions: prosperous factions tend to offer more LP but fewer skills, more advanced factions offer a greater variety of technical skills but lower combat/survival skills

Backgrounds are categorized by their relative probability.

Most Likely – A near constant flow of would-be hunters streams into the Singing Lands.

Likely – These backgrounds are extremely likely participate in the hunt, due to physical proximity, affinity, and/or sheer numbers.

Reasonably Probable -


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