Basically everyone in the world of Fenris is a (partially) human lycantrophe1, so there are no traditionally races, but every character has a ‘Breed’, representing the type of lycantrophe they are.

First, everyone has common abilities as a lycantrophe.

  1. Regeneration: Lycantrophes can readily regenerate almost any injury, as their wild soul refuses to die. Whenever a lycantrophe recieves an injury, it immediately begins to regenerate, grazes being eliminated in one round, wounds demoted to grazes in two rounds, and incapacitation reduced to a wound in three rounds. This means that even incapacitation is completely neutralized in six rounds.
    However, there are a few drawbacks to this ability…
    First of all, silver completely ignores this regenerative ability. It acts as a magical toxin that suppresses the lycantrophe’s ability to reconstruct their body as long as it is in contact, effectively guaranteeing any injury inflicted by silver is permanent. Penetration is not necessary, but the silver must actually be causing the injury.
    Regeneration does not provide safety from attacks powerful enough to inflict instant death (10+ damage), including if this level is reached by filling all boxes.
    It also does not protect against death from other means, such as starvation, exposure, or suffocation, though it does aid in recovery.
  2. All lycantrophes, naturally enough, have two alternative forms: A hybrid form and an animal form. They transform involuntarily for three days per month, and can transform at other times through various means. While transformed, they are consumed by a violent aggression and likely to attack anything and anyone that confronts them. Also likely to traverse large areas. The experience is vaguely similar to a dream, in that it does not seem entirely real – or controllable. While in pure animal form, actions are less violent, but also less intelligent.
    Lycantrophes can learn to have some degree of control (albeit precarious) of their transformations, both in whether they happen or not and in their actions during such. For more information read Transformation Details.
  3. Bestial Senses: Lycantrophes have preternatural acute senses, gaining a +1 bonus to all sensory rolls. This only applies to basic sensory rolls, not to other perception tests.
  4. Bestial Affinity: Lycantrophes gain a +1 bonus to ‘social’ rolls when dealing with animals of their breed’s ‘type’. Additionally they can make normal social rolls in hybrid and animal form, though this isn’t particularly useful unless they can somehow direct said rolls.

The individual breeds are broken up into various categories based on the type of animal. This class is strictly for organization and has no particular effect.

As a final note, a non-trivial minority of individuals are naturally larger and tougher than others of their breed, emerging into their full ‘Alpha Strain’ strength around puberty. Mostly indistinguishable in human form, this phenomenon is common enough to be known, but rare (and significant) enough to be notable, and even relatively small packs often have one or even two such ‘alphas’.
The terminology is mostly a reference to power more than anything, but alphas do have a propensity to end up in leadership positions, or at least a place of trust.

The phenomenon seems to be pseduogenetic, if a bit rare and random. It appears most common in children of two parents of the same breed but moderate genetic similarity, rarest in parents of different breeds. Two alphas are also significantly more likely to have alpha children, but the effect of genetic distance is even more significant – therefore alphas and/or their packs often go to considerable lengths to arrange marriage or mating with their nearby peers.

Mechanically, the effects of the Alpha Strain are as follows…

  • +1 Size Category in Hybrid/Animal Form
  • +2 Natural Armor in Hybrid/Animal Form
  • Gain +1 on social rolls to impress or intimidate lycantrophes.

1 The odd spelling is consistent, pronounced that way, and possibly has some relation to ‘trophic’, as in ‘autotrophe’ or ‘heterotrophic’.


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