Character Requirements

In this campaign, your characters are denizens of the world of Fenris who have travelled to the wilderness of The Singing Lands, intending to hunt the fearsome beasts found there. As luck would have, a monolithic Behemoth known as a Mountain Eater has been spotted in the area…

The campaign is not intended to be exceptionally ‘balanced’, and I’m largely trusting you to use common sense and moderation in your character concepts. Also, please at least browse the background material (both in the Backgrounds section and the Codex).

This is a reasonably low-point campaign, and you won’t gain an abundance over the course of the campaign. Your characters are meant to be somewhat ordinary, competent people (albeit by odd standards). This means you probably shouldn’t make a background befitting a legendary hero… or conversely, a total dunce.

So, what does a character actually require?
First, I need a backstory/concept. It doesn’t need to be super elaborate, and I’ll work with you on it. You probably should do this first, albeit after looking over the mechanical aspects: this isn’t a hardcore optimization challenge, and I will try to make most sensible builds viable.

Second, take your concept and distill it into one or more aspects and possibly quirks. This isn’t a limit or the whole of your character, but it does provide delicious Elan, and potential subplot elements.

Third, choose a breed and background. Decide if you want to be an ‘Alpha’. Of course, you could very well do this first if you want…

Finally, select attributes, skills, and feats to suit your character concept. You’ve got about 40 points. If you spend a few more, that’s fine, and you may want to leave some left over for conversion to LP. Actually, if you’ve got a good reason, I’ll probably allow you to spend significantly more, but only for the sake of awesome.

Or do things in a completely different order. I dunno.

To reiterate, the requirements for a character are.

  1. A backstory. At least a paragraph.
  2. At least one aspect.
  3. A background
  4. A breed
  5. 40 points worth of skills, attributes, and feats
  6. Equipment. You can buy additional Loadout at a rate of two for each point.

Character Creation Tips
Important points to consider for character creation, particularly mechanical.

Character Questionnaire
A suspiciously familiar questionnaire covering some basic questions.

Sample Characters

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Character Requirements

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