Heavy Clothing – 5 LP
The simplest means of armoring oneself is to just wear layers and layers of tough clothing. Heavy Clothing can be purchased outright, or assembled out of 3 sets of Standard or Fine clothing. As an added benefit, such as setup is not always obvious, requiring a Mediocre Perception check to discern. However, a consequence of wearing so much clothes is that it is confining and difficult to move.
AV 1, Bypass 2/Good; Heavy

Light Armor – 8 LP
A basic set of light armor offers better protection than nothing, without being encumbering. Such armor might consist of thin leather, quited mats of coarse fiber, layered silk, or the like. It is not necessarily obvious as armor, and can be concealed. Depending on make, it might be stuffy and scratchy, or comfortable to wear all day long.
AV 1, Bypass 3/Good

Patch Armor – 10 LP
‘Patch Armor’, is a commonplace but peculiar type of armor consisting of a number of formidable rigid pieces that cover only a fraction of the body, mainly concentrated around the limbs, especially arms. Patch armor most likely originated with those who couldn’t afford or maintain full suits of armor, or scavengers using bits of metal as makeshift protection, but has since evolved into a style in its own right. While, at first glance, it doesn’t seem particularly effective, with a bit of practice, one can make highly effective use of it, deflecting or mitigating attacks, though it isn’t quite as reliable as a shield.
AV 2, Bypass 1/Fair. Bypass increases to 3 if over ‘Average’ combat skill.

Light Patch Armor – 5 LP
A lighter variant of patch armor, often consists of just a few bits of wood, metal or bone strapped to the arms. Maybe a hat. Other examples of this sort of armor are ceremonial garb integrating small pieces of ‘armor’. The operating principle is relatively similar: use the ‘armor’ as a makeshift shield. Due to the generally poorer quality materials, it weighs almost as much as ‘normal’ patch armor.
AV 2, Bypass 0/Fair. Bypass increases to 2 if over ‘Average’ combat skill.

Medium Armor – 15 LP
This variety of armor, which includes such things lightweight chainmail, boiled leather, reinforced cloth, and bone scale, offers modest protection while not compromising mobility. Medium Armor is quite obvious in its purpose, and in some cases may not be considered socially acceptable. (The same also applies to all armor below this).
AV 2, Bypass 3/Great

Medium Armor, Rigid – 12 LP
A suit of hard material – like wood, bone, or metal – covering at least the chest, possibly including a helmet as well, over a layer of light armor or ordinary clothing. Rigid armor is relatively easy to produce, but more hindering and easier to bypass.
AV 2, Bypass 2/Good, Heavy

Heavy Armor – 30 LP
Heavy Armor, as the name suggests, consists of heavy, highly protective materials that still have a bit of flexibility to them. Mail, scale armor, Behemoth hide, etc are some examples of such armor. This is the heaviest normal, nonrigid armor, but is still quite difficult to wear.
AV 3, Bypass 3/Great, Heavy

Heavy Armor, Rigid – 25 LP
Rigid Heavy armor typically consists of a solid metal (or equivelantly durable material) chestpiece, along with greaves, gauntlets, probably a helmet, and a suit of light armor underneath. It provides the same protection as standard Heavy Armor for a smaller price.
AV 3, Bypass 2/Great, Heavy

Extreme Armor, Rigid – 50 LP
By carefully articulating appropriate joints of a fully rigid suit comprised of metal, Behemoth bone, Highstone or similar materials, it is possible to create this, the most protective form of standard armor. Extreme armor is, obviously enough, extremely protecting, completely negating the damage of most weapons, and isn’t as easily bypassed as only partially covering rigid armor. However, it is extremely cumbersome, and difficult to move in, as well as its massive weight wearing down the wearer’s stamina. Moreover, such items are extremely rare, and
AV 4, Bypass 3/Great, Very Heavy

Other Armor Layouts
It is possible to create armor intended for non-human bodyshapes… like, say, one’s animal form. However, given the obvious difficulty of putting on such armor, and the general lack of domesticated animals, such items are extremely rare, and must be custom made. Such armor costs half again as much as the normal price.
Additionally, armor for larger creatures costs twice as much per size category.


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