Core Mechanics

The Core Mechanics of FUDGE (TAFFY) are relatively simple. When faced with a challenge, you roll 4dF, add your aptitude, and compare it to the task’s difficulty. If you meet or exceed the difficulty, you succeed, if it’s lower, you fail.

‘dF’ of course refers to a six sided die with 2 ‘+’ icons, 2 ‘-’ icons, and 2 blank spaces. A ‘+’ adds one. A ‘-’ subtracts one. A blank space does nothing. Therefore, 4dF results in a number between -4 to +4, with a strong normal curve1


A character’s ‘Rating’ is used as the the starting point for their roll, and is a measure of their aptitude at a particular task. This may be derived from their base attributes, skills, or some combination of various factors. A character who is very good at something has a high Rating, a low rating if they’re bad at it.


The Target of a roll is a measure of the difficulty of the task that must be accomplished. An easy task has a low Target value, a difficult one a high Target value. The Target gives the value that the sum of the Rating and dice must equal.


Various circumstances, ranging from a character’s specialties to weather to teamwork to injury, may the outcome of a roll positively or negative. These modifiers rarely exceed a magnitude of 2, but can stack with each other, or cancel each other out.
Simply sum the various modifiers and add the result directly to the value ladder, as if it were part of the die roll.

Mathematically, this is essentially identical to adding the modifier to Rating or subtracting it from the Target, but some kinds of ‘modifiers’ act in peculiarly different ways, especially for combat damage

The Value Ladder.

Rolls are conducted on the Value Ladder.

Values from -5 to +6 all have names on the Value Ladder, and are by far the most likely to come up… but technically the ladder extends infinitely in either direction, and is fundamentally mathematical.
These names are included both for convenience and to provide an in-world reference point… though they may not apply in all cases. You can think about it either way you prefer.

Value Name
+6 Epic
+5 Legendary
+4 Excellent
+3 Great
+2 Good
+1 Fair
0 Average
-2 Bad
-3 Poor
-4 Awful
-5 Terrible

1 ‘0’ is the most common result, and small values are much more likely than large ones.

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Core Mechanics

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